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Webinar: Ransomware: Biggest Threat To Your Healthcare Practice

Cybersecurity Events for
Healthcare Associations, Practice Managers & Small Businesses

We’d love to come in and do a FREE tech education/cybersecurity event for your members!  Choose between an onsite seminar/workshop or an online webinar.

Our cybersecurity events help healthcare associations provide their membership with valuable information that helps them streamline their patient workflow, increase staff productivity, secure their office from hackers and be HIPAA compliant.

We can present any number of cybersecurity and technology events to your membership. We provide free food, registration forms and marketing at no cost to your organization. We will even provide the location if your offices have limited space. All you need to do is pick the dates and times and allow 2 to 3 weeks for marketing the event.

Our Events Are An Essential Component Of Your Association’s Educational And Marketing Strategy.  Keep Your Current Members Engaged and Drive New Signups For Your Association.

Many Topics To Choose From:

  • 9 Ways To Prevent A Ransomware Attack To Your Medical Practice
  • Top 10 Tips for Cybersecurity in Health Care
  • Cybersecurity Tips For Smartphone and Tablets in Healthcare
  • Phone System Tips To Increase Patient Satisfaction
  • Ransomware: The Biggest Threat To Your Healthcare Practice
  • Why Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail For ANY Patient Communication Is Bad For Your Practice And A HUGE HIPAA Risk?
  • What Are HIPAA Security Risk Assessments And Why You Need One?
  • Top 5 HIPAA Risks Found In Private Practices And What You Need To Know
  • Who Are Your HIPAA Business Associates & What Are Your HIPAA Responsibilities As A Covered Entity?
  • And More...



Take advantage of this FREE offer for your organization before it goes away!